Tag:Jim Brown
Posted on: November 25, 2008 2:21 am

Umm... Where's the D?

Has anyone noticed the NFL scoreboard from this past week? My God, have NFL teams forgot how to play defense? Look at the scores; 48-28, 54-31, 37-29, 45-28, 35-22, 51-29, etc, etc. Wow! The average score for an NFL team this past week was 26.16 points. The average score for the winning team was 34.5 pts. This seems really high to me. Of course, my team the Cleveland Browns scored 6 points, but then again they were up against the staunch defense of the Houston Texans (sarcasm should be noted). Did Roger Goodell send out a memo requesting teams to only put 10 players on the defensive side or something? I know that the league is putting more emphasis on the pass, and I think this is a big reason for the scores. Not only were teams lighting it up on the offensive side, but how many interception returns for touchdowns were there? I can count about 3 off the top of my head (the Bills Leodis McKelvin, the Ravens Ed Reed, the Buccaneers Ronde Barber). With all the passing now, defenses are getting more opportunities to score off the pick as well. Now, I guess the question is this: will this be a trend or an aberration? My mind says this is a trend, while my heart hopes it's an aberration. I'm already longing for the days of smashmouth football. Where have you gone Jim Brown?


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